Photos courtesy of Todd Riggins / Frozen in Time Photography

About 1,000 people attended the July 28 Food Truck Frenzy in conjunction with the Gardner Farmers Market.
“Overall the turnout was great,” said Jason Camis, Gardner Edgerton chamber president. “The weather couldn’t have been more perfect as it cleared up just in time.”
Camis said there were five special vendors (Smoken Babes BBQ, Cheesy Street, Aguas Frescas Bernice, Del’s Roasted Sweet Corn & The Funnel Cake Truck) in addition to one regular market vendor (Willy’s Wacky Wieners).
“The purpose of the event was to bring some added exposure to the Gardner Farmers Market and it accomplished that and more,” Camis said. “The traffic at the market was up significantly and a couple of vendors actually sold out of all their product for the week.”
“The feedback we received was great and the only glitch was a few food vendors sold out of food,” Camis said. “But that means in the future we can probably add another food truck or two. It was a great location for the event too, as kids could play in the park while their parents ate and enjoyed live music from Ryan Triggs and the Rivetbusters.”