Albert Rukwaro
Special to The Gardner News
Shawn Carlisle was elected president of the Gardner-Edgerton school board during a meeting July30. At the same meeting Greg Chapman was elected vice president.
Carlisle replaces Rob Shippy, board member, and Chapman takes over from Tresa Boden.
During the meeting, the board approved the 2018-2019 notice of budget hearing for publication.
In the notice Jeremy McFadden, finance director, said the district expects to generate $39.6 million dollars in its general fund including funds for capital outlay and special and contingency reserves.
McFadden said the notice represents projections that stretch the legal limits on spending and are unlikely to mirror the actual spending by the district during the year.
He said the numbers will change and the projections are, at best, a roadmap.
“The board has oversight over how funds are spent, and we expect that any changes will be communicated accordingly,” he said.
McFadden said the projections are based on the per pupil funding by the state and revenues from local taxes.
The board also approved $283,110 to be spent for the development of a field throwers area at the Gardner-Edgerton High School. The project, to be completed by Mid America Golf LLC will include a shot put and Javelin training space for high school athletes.
The district’s education services staff presented a comprehensive plan for the district which included an overall vision for the district.
In the presentation, the team said the plan seeks to employ various strategies to ensure quality instruction to students while instilling a sense of collective responsibility among stakeholders and the development of learning communities.
“We want to develop students who can contribute not just to Gardner but also to the state, the nation and globally.”
Pam Stranathan, superintendent, sent a message of condolences to the family and friends of the late Rick Poppitz, who wrote for The Gardner News.
“Our thoughts and prayers are with his family at this time,” she said.