Mike Brown

Mike Brown
JCBCC 6th district
Again at the Fair this year you can expect fun, dust, giggles, calves & piglets, funnel cakes and hotdogs, tractors, carnival rides and games, stock shows from the 4-H,  the smell of livestock, rodeos with mutton bustin’ and a lifetime of memories to be made with friends and family.
I know these things because I remember going to the Fair as a small child and being enamored with the people and the environment… I recall the sounds, the smells, the masses of people, the livestock, big tractors, the rodeo with the cowboys… I remember it all and these are great innocent and pure memories from my youth.
It was perfect, and I wouldn’t trade that time holding my grandma’s hand, walking through with my parents and my brother… or the times as a teenager there with my buddies as we became more interested in the cute girls than the rodeo. It is with fond memories I remember those times at the Fair and but for a moment time stands still as I go back in my mind and relive those precious moments. It was joyous. It was mesmerizing. It was perfect.
I hope you take the time to go and make memories like that too.
Johnson County consist of 600,000 people and our passions and interests are as varied and many as our citizens and of course there always other things you could go do… but while it is on we are all lovers of the Fair and as a Johnson County Commissioner I am fortunate and proud to have the Fair in my district.
I am a longtime supporter of the Fair and am so very proud of the Johnson County Fair Board that does so much with so very little. They’ve worked all year long getting ready for this Fair where memories are waiting to be made and you will be so thrilled with all they’ve got in store for you, so make sure you get to the Fair… and while holding the hand of a loved one, have a corndog for me.