Mandatory water restrictions were issued for Gardner residents July 17, but customers of Johnson County Water #7 and Edgerton, although urged to be conservative, have no such restrictions.
Statewide, Gov. Colyer has placed Johnson County under drought watch, as opposed to drought warning or drought emergency.
On July 17, Gardner issued mandatory water restrictions saying the Hillsdale Water Treatment Facility had operated at more than ninety (90 percent) percent capacity for more than five consecutive days, and the city has reached Water Warning Stage as part of the Water Conservation Plan.
Allen Soetaert, water district #7, said he can’t recall the district ever issuing mandatory restrictions. “In 2011/12 JO7 was in a ‘Drought Watch’ – which is similar to what Governor Coyler recently announced for Johnson and Miami County,” Soetaert said.
JO7 receives water from both the City of Olathe and Hillsdale. “I have not been notified of any issues with those two supplies; however, I do know that both supplies are being monitored very closely,” he said.
“We are monitoring the drought very close and maintaining contact with those supplies that provide JO7 its wholesale supply,” Soetaert said. “JO7 certainly encourages any conservation measure that our customers can voluntarily make; however, there are no mandatory restrictions in place at this time.  In regards to Gardner’s issue, JO7 does have multiple emergency interconnections with them that would assist during a need of a temporary water supply.”
As for Edgerton, there are currently no water restrictions planned. “The current water usage in the City of Edgerton is sustainable to our facilities, and we do not currently have any cause for concern regarding the drought or replenishing our water towers,” according to Scott Peterson, Edgerton assistant city administrator.
“While we always encourage residents of the City of Edgerton to be judicious in their usage of water, and to only use the water they need, they have no cause for concern currently about having enough water to go about their lives this summer,” Peterson continued. “If residents believe they have a leak or their bill shows an unusually high amount of usage, we ask them to call City Hall at 913-893-6231.”
“Edgerton has worked for years to make sure we have suitable water to meet demands,” said Don Roberts, Edgerton mayor. “Over the years we have formed partnerships with local water providers to provide adequate, safe, and reliable water from multiple water sources.”
On July 19 the Gardner Council called an emergency meeting to update the water restrictions to allow bulk sales between certain hours. Rural customers had voiced concern on social
media that the mandatory ban on bulk sales adversely effected them. The closest other bulk sales points for those homeowners who must haul water, bulk water sales may be available at: Wellsville, at carwash on Main Street and Olathe, at the Water Treatment plant 600 S. Curtis.