Aubrey Hamilton
Johnson County Fair exhibitor
Hello everyone!
My name is Aubrey Hamilton, and I am an exhibitor for the fair. This will be my 10th year showing livestock. As many of you know the Johnson County Fair is fastly approaching. Gates will be open from July 30 – Aug. 4. The animals arrive on Aug. 1. Check the Johnson County Fair website to find a more detailed schedule.
Many 4Hers, including myself have worked really hard ALL YEAR (and then some) to get our animals/ projects ready. Please be respectful of the 4H members (the owners of the livestock) and their animals. We want you all to enjoy our projects and learn about them, but there needs to be some rules/boundaries to keep you AND the projects free from harm.
PLEASE consider the following:
1-Although we work with our animals a lot this will be their first time around that much commotion, noise, people, other animals, etc. Be calm around them and do not overwhelm them. (No running, screaming, hitting, clapping, etc.) We have had many cases of our animals getting spooked because people don’t realize how it effects them and how sensitive they are.
2-ALWAYS choose to go for the head of the animal and not the rear. Cattle especially can be spooked very easily from behind and will kick…trust me that is not a fun experience. Children should be accompanied by the owner or a parent when trying to pet the animals.
3-Livestock is fed a certain amount of feed. If overfed the animals could get sick or possibly die. DO NOT feed them anything extra unless you ask first or have their owner around.
4-Pick up any trash you might see. Goats and sheep will eat almost ANYTHING. We would not like to deal with sick lambs/goats after all the time, money, and effort we’ve put into them. There are trash cans located everywhere around the fairgrounds for your convenience:) Plus 4H members give up multiple hours after the fair to pick up all trash the community leaves during the week.
5-Leave all the animals in their pens or tied up. We bring our animals because of our love to show. Our animals are penned up for their safety and so the public can see them. Some people don’t like the animals and if they are running loose it will cause a ton of chaos.
6-While not every 4H exhibitor shows livestock, the other buildings around the fairgrounds contain other projects that kids have made or refurbished. They are just as important. Continue to be respectful.
7-If an exhibitor/Adult is walking their livestock around, leave a good amount of space so they can get through the crowd easily without any worries. This goes especially near he entrance of the carnival/tie outs for the steers. If you see someone coming, move over and stand still until they go past.
By following these 7 simple rules, it will help keep everyone safe. This is a very important week for all exhibitors and we want to enjoy it just as much as the guests! Hope to see you all there and that you enjoy this year’s fair.
If you have any questions please feel free to ask. Any and all questions are welcome.