There are going to be changes near Homestead/207th now that the Edgerton City Council and the Kansas Department of Transportation approved an $11.875 million infrastructure agreement. The project provides critical infrastructure to Kubota, an existing Edgerton business. Kubota currently occupies approximately 770,000 square feet in Logistics Park Kansas City (LPKC) Phase I but has closed on land south of Interstate 35 to construct two, one million square-foot, state-of-the-art logistics facilities for its new North American Distribution Center (NADC). The KDOT project will provide supporting infrastructure to Kubota and Logistics Park Kansas City Phase II south of Interstate 35. Photo courtesy of Jerry Kellogg

Albert Rukwaro
Special to The Gardner News
The Edgerton City Council approved a proposal to amend a 2012 wastewater agreement between the cities of Edgerton and Gardner during a council meeting July 12.
The proposal calls for amending portions of the agreement which provide that Edgerton must measure effluent through a meter at the Homestead Lane Lift Station.
Earlier this year Edgerton completed the construction of the Widmer Lift Station near 191st and Essex streets and decommissioned the homestead Lane Lift Station. The construction was part of the Logistics Park Kansas City Sanitary Sewer Master Plan.

Edgerton’s 207th/Homestead project includes the design and construction of Homestead Lane (I-35 to 207th) and 207th St (Homestead lane to Waverly). Homestead Lane includes a new four lane bridge over a tributary of Big Bull Creek and includes a sidewalk on one side. Road improvement for Homestead and 207th will include four lanes with a 14 foot median/turn lanes and a 10-foot wide sidewalk. Photo courtesy of Jerry Kellogg

Under the new proposal, the contract between the two cities will also reflect that either of the cities may sample and analyze flows at its own expense. The changes specify that such sampling or analysis would be done at the Widmer Lift station for Edgerton and the Waverly Lift Station for Gardner.
Lee Hendricks, city attorney, was given the greenlight to conclude the amendments.
The council also approved a design-build agreement with Miles Excavating INC for improvements on Homestead/207th street project.
The project be funded by the Kansas Department of Transportation Edgerton with KDOT pledging to pay at least 9.5 million or 80 percent of the cost.
Beth Linn, city administrator, recommended Miles Excavating because of its aggressive schedule and a demonstrated excellence in past projects.
“In past projects Miles Excavating and Affinis Corp have exceeded expectations with innovative solutions to construction, projects completed under budget, as well as their experience working adjacent to utilities and residential areas,” she said.
The city approved $51,469 for the special highway fund, $27,257 for the special parks and recreation fund and $176,098 for the bond and Interest fund.
During the meeting the mayor thanked residents for participating in the annual July 4 event.