Joan Dorsey
Contributing columnist
Long hot summer days usually lead me to one of two things. Either reading/ napping or wondering about things that make the world go round.
You can, as a rule, only nap so much.
Over-napping usually results in sleepless night. Which in turn can lead to over thinking things like Ebola or when will the next outbreak occur. Or things like the old shell game usually played at 2 a.m. “what was THAT noise?”
So I have been pondering things that make you go hummmm?
First on the list is why do my neighbors keep selling their houses and moving.
Is it me? Is it the housing market? Am I just too much for them?
Why do people insist on tailgating?
Do you not realize that following behind my car, so close that I can’t see your headlights, is only going to make me drive slower? Are we really good friends? Is your next step giving me a bump to push me aside?
Why is it that the mailman always shows up after you have returned to your house empty handed?
Why is it that when searching for a lost item it is in the last place you look?
Think about that one for a while.
Why is it that people here in Gardner choose not to put collars on their dogs, get them chipped or just keep them securely at home?
Why is it that you behave and act much more socially proper when you are wearing your better clothing?
Why do small children tend to use the most improper language when it is a quiet place?
Where do newspapers we have labeled and mailed disappear too before they reach their destinations?
Why do ticks and mosquito’s seem to favor me over other people?
How is it that I can walk into a room and suddenly forget what I went into the room for?
Why is it that I can remember a name, a book or someone I used to know, but only after I am trying to fall asleep?
I could go on and on. But these are some of the things that make me go hummmmmmmm.
Maybe I just need a new hobby.