Councilman Rich Melton is nothing but dramatic and determined.
Days before July 4th, Melton decided to post a concerning announcement on his councilman’s social media page.
Melton announced he had proposed a censure of Randy Gregoryck, councilman.
In his social media post, Melton said he was “going public” due to “the public’s right to know” but said, that due to the subject matter, taxpayers should not ask what the censure was for – because he couldn’t tell.
Melton is enamored with censuring. This is his third attempt. All three failed.
Melton says Gregoryck shared “privileged” information, apparently outside the chain of command.
Rumor has it that the censure had to do with an “out of school” discussion regarding a city employee. The discussion involved members of an unofficial intergovernmental group who strayed into personnel discussion regarding a city employee.
The meeting was apparently not attended by Gregoryck, so, if the Gardner rumor mill is correct, we’re not sure why a censure attempt was against him rather than those who attended the unofficial “meeting.”
A request for minutes, agendas and dates for these “intergovernmental” meetings were not available when requested.
The meetings are sporadic and closed.
We’re rather uncomfortable with the idea of high level officials meeting unofficially to discuss the taxpayer’s affairs. While we believe communication can be necessary and beneficial, by keeping the meetings clandestine and closed it encourages “out of school” talk that strays into litigious areas.
What’s the secret?
While we believe Melton’s attempt to censure was misplaced, we agree with him on the need for transparency.
It’s always cloak and dagger politics on the Gardner council, and the city’s attorney advised against discussion involving personnel. He warned against posting to social media.
So three of them did the opposite: Lee Moore, councilman, and Shute both wrote lengthy explanations which they posted to their social media pages.
Melton was silent, however.
He simply superimposed a photo of Shute over an image of the Cowardly Lion from “The Wizard of Oz.”
And we’re left wondering: What part of this is beneficial to running our city?