The Gardner City Council will hold an emergency meeting tonight (Thursday, July 19, 2018) at 6 p.m. in the council chambers at Gardner city hall.
The meeting regards the water restrictions currently in effect in the City of Gardner.
On July 17, Gardner issued mandatory water restrictions:
“Hillsdale Water Treatment Facility has operated at more than ninety (90 percent) percent capacity for more than five consecutive days and the city has reached Water Warning Stage as part of our Water Conservation Plan.

The following measurements will go in place effective TODAY, Tuesday, July 17.
• Outdoor water use will be limited using an odd-even address-based system. Residents at even-numbered addresses will be permitted to water on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. Residents at odd-numbered addresses will be permitted to water on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.
• Outdoor water use, including lawn watering and car washing, will be restricted to before 10:00 am and after 9:00 pm on the assigned days.
• Refilling of swimming pools will be allowed one day a week after sunset. Privately owned pools not filled prior to the declaration of a water warning may not be filled until after the water warning is lifted.
• Bulk water sales will be suspended.
• Waste of water will be prohibited.
Signs have been placed at four locations indicating Water Restrictions are in effect.”
Emergency meetings may be called in certain instances:
Per Chapter 4(C) of Governing Body Rules of Procedure:
In the event of an emergency involving injury or damage to persons or property or which impacts the service or operation of the City, a special meeting may be called with less than 24-hours notice provided a majority of the Members waive notice requirements and reasonable effort is taken to notify local news media. The City Council may hold an emergency meeting without complying with the 72-hour posting requirement, for regular and special meetings, but shall otherwise comply with the Kansas Open Meetings Act procedures.
As the water situation is an emergency impacting a service of the city, it considered to be justification for holding an emergency meeting.
A majority of the members of the governing body have waived notice requirements for the meeting. The agenda is posted on the website and in City Hall.