Riana Henderson
Contributing columnist
Hello there America! I’m an 18 year old who is registered to vote. I ‘m excited. Most 18 year olds are, since 2008, we have been voting more than 20 year olds and older, according to The Washington Post. But, the problem is not getting young people to vote, it’s keeping them voting.
Voting is how the people get their two cents worth into the government. By electing representatives; we can change the country. That is, unless you feel as if your vote doesn’t count. Many people feel disillusioned with how voting works and wonder if their vote matters. Fact is that the voting system may have flaws.I’ve come up with a few solutions!
First, we should fix Electoral College. Electoral College is a select group of people who vote on behalf of their entire state. These people are usually anyone that isn’t a congressman and passes the state qualifications; they may be employed by the state or they are party leaders. People are chosen by the local political parties as potential electors and later the populous, indirectly, votes for them. If a political party wins the state, their potential electors become official electors. A Democrat wins Kansas, then the Democrat’s potential electors become Kansas’ electors.
On voting on the state’s behalf, if the people vote candidate A, the electors are supposed to vote for candidate A. They can vote for their choice, but they may get a fine from the state. The worst part of it is the “winner takes all” rule. In most states, if one candidate wins more popular votes, then they get all of the electoral votes, too.
Nebraska and Maine are the only two states that split their votes between candidates. If it works for them, it could work for Kansas.
Second, we should get rid of gerrymandering. Gerrymandering is the redrawing of congressional districts to give one party an advantage over the other. Draw a district with more Republicans, the district is Republican. The people who vote for the minority party don’t get their votes counted.
Third, we put more emphasis on people sending in their votes through the mail. This will eliminate finding a time to vote. We could send in our votes effortlessly and early.Mail in voting could eliminate the need to search for what precinct you live in and what polling station to use. And, polling stations may not be accessible to everyone due to how many people are there, distance, disability or old age.
As for online voting, it would be more efficient and increase turnout, but it also wouldn’t be very secure or very anonymous, according to Scientific American. It could be easy to hack without proper security measures. These are some ways to get more people to vote, because I believe voting is important. Especially voting for local officials; they have the power over you and your families’ everyday.
If we get everyone’s vote to count for something; people will vote more. It’s just that simple!
One way that Johnson County has helped encourage voting is new voting machines; they are modern and harder to hack. They also give you a nifty slip of paper with the candidate you voted for on it. These give a precise picture of who voted for whom, unlike our older machines.
So, please vote in the Aug. 7th primary. If we vote wisely, we can change things around in this country.
For more information,visit: https://jocoelection.org/