Albert Rukwaro
Special to The Gardner News
A proposed resolution to censure Gardner City Council member Randy Gregorcyk failed during a council meeting held on July 2nd.
The motion, read into the record by Rich Melton, councilmember, followed three consecutive closed sessions to discuss matters related to attorney-client privilege.
In the censure motion, Melton said Gregorcyk had failed to follow the governing body’s rules of procedure.
“Councilmember Gregorcyk, in his capacity as a sitting councilmember, should realize that he needs to follow the chain of command and act in the best interest of the city,” said Melton in the resolution.
“In conduct with city administrator and staff the member shall avoid involvement in personnel issues except during executive sessions regarding city appointed staff such as the city administrator including hiring, firing, promoting, disciplining and other personnel matters,” read the resolution.
However, in discussions after the executive sessions Ryan Denk, city attorney, informed the council that if the motion to proceed councilmember Gregorcyk would be entitled to a trial in which he would be allowed to present a defense and furnish witnesses.
The attorney also warned that the public dissemination of any accusations related to the resolution, even on social media, could expose those involved to libel.
On June 28, Melton had posted a copy of his proposed censure against Gregorcyk to his social media page; in the interest of transparency, he said. “ Unfortunately I am unable to go into detail about what did happen. I can tell you that it is a serious issue and that I felt I had to bring this forward to in an attempt to protect the City and the Governing Body. We have an executive session scheduled for Monday night to discuss this. Then we will come back out and attempt to gingerly step around the items that can not be discussed publicly and vote as we see fit. Again, I nor any other Council member or the Mayor can discuss these items publicly or privately so please do not ask us,” Melton wrote.
This was Melton’s third attempt to censure; once before elected and once after being elected. All efforts failed.
After a unanimous vote Steve Shute, mayor, dismissed the resolution and suspended consideration for a separate executive session that was to discuss matters related to non-elected council staff.
In other business:
the council approved the consent agenda which included $1,782,322.26 in city expenditure and approved a two year facility usage agreement with Johnson County through the grant funded Nutrition Program of the Area Agency on Aging for use in the Gardner Senior Center.
The council also approved the dedication of right of way and easements for the proposed Olathe Health Urgent Care in Gardner.