Between July 2-8, Johnson County Fire District #1 had 24 medical calls; none were related to fireworks.
The district also responded to four grass fires of unknown origin. However, due to their location fire district personnel said they were probably fireworks related.
There were two reports of dumpster fires. “Both of these were due to improper disposal of fire work boxes. The boxes that have several “shots” in them have a history of continuing to smolder and or burn inside for several minutes and ignite sometimes five to twenty minutes later,” Chief Rob Kirk, JOCO#1 said.
Two calls originally deemed “house fires” were modified down: one was a disposal issue, and the second was due to fireworks.
“One thing that we noticed this year was a lot more aerial shows than in the past which caused the disposal issues we had,” Kirk said. I have directed our prevention staff to work on having the (fireworks) stands post proper disposal signs for these types of fireworks next year.”