Attendance at the Edgerton picnic and fireworks display ranged up to 2,000.
“We don’t really know for sure. We ordered 500 hamburgers and 500 hot dogs for the event, as well as 1,000 ice cream bars,” said Scott Petersen, assistant city administration. “All of these were given away during the course of the night, but many of the hot dogs were handed out in bunches by the end, and we didn’t track people who came back for seconds, thirds, etc.”
There was only one call regarding fireworks on the rail tracks, but it proved to be erroneous. “The report provided by the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office indicates that it was a quiet, enjoyable night,” Peterson said. No tickets were issued.
“I would like to add that staff was very grateful for the cooperation of citizens at the event to keep their personal fireworks away from the fenced off areas so that families with smaller children could also enjoy the picnic and fireworks show,” Peterson continued.
There was some concern with parking along the west/south side of Sunflower Rd., Peterson said. As the street curves around the bend by the Public Works facility and quarry it created visibility issues. “This caused some sightline issues for our shuttle buses,” Peterson said. “We will address this issue next year.”
“The Edgerton Community Picnic and Fireworks Show was once again a huge success.  It always warms my heart to see the children and adults from Edgerton and around the region come together to celebrate Independence Day as friends and family.  Thank you for coming out and taking part and thanks to city staff, the fireworks crew, and volunteers that worked in the heat of the day to make the event the success it is,” said Donald Roberts, mayor.
Edgerton had two tents in town selling fireworks, and permits were $500 each, Peterson said. There areas had been cleared by the end of the sale period.