The Kansas Department of Commerce hosted delegates from China for a two day tour of Kansas  food processing and agribusinesses to learn about expansion opportunities. They are pictured here in the UniLever facility at New Century. Following the UniLever tour, the group visited ColdPoint Logistics in Logistics Park (LPKC) in Edgerton. Staff photo by Rick Poppitz

Last week, the Kansas Department of Commerce hosted an event centered around the topic of Food Processing & Agribusiness in the Heartland.
“Organizing meetings for our investors and international companies within their industries is something we were more than excited to assist with,” said Greg Martinette, Southwest Johnson County EDC president. “Connections like these often lead to business growth and development, which ultimately brings prosperity to the region — an end goal we strive to facilitate.”
This two-day tour in the state of Kansas connected international participants with potential partners, customers and industry leaders to help them learn about expansion opportunities in the breadbasket of America. Participants were primarily companies with U.S. expansion interests involved in manufacturing, distribution or research related sectors such as food and beverage; agricultural products and equipment and animal health.
The tour included a stop at Unilever, a tenant at New Century AirCenter and Southwest Johnson County EDC investor.

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