Work on the Homestead Lane/207th St. project moved forward with approval from the Edgerton City Council at their June 28 meeting.
An agreement between Edgerton and the Kansas Department of Transportation was authorized in March, 2018, when a letter of intent was provided by KDOT regarding a partnership with infrastructure.
“KDOT has partnered with the City of Edgerton on critical infrastructure in support of Logistics Park Kansas City (LPKC) Phase I including road improvements such as Homestead Lane north of I-35, the Homestead Lane interchange, Waverly Road Grade Separation, etc.,” said Beth Linn, city administrator. This partnership for road infrastructure plays an important role in attracting tenants to LPKC and bringing approximately 4,000 new jobs to the State of Kansas and Edgerton.
“High quality infrastructure is one of the critical components for companies making the decision to build their business in Edgerton,” said Donald Roberts, Edgerton mayor. “Edgerton has proven that public investment in infrastructure drives private investment in attracting new businesses and creating jobs.”
“This project provides critical infrastructure to an existing Edgerton business expanding with our city. Today Kubota occupies approximately 770,000 square feet in Logistics Park Kansas City (LPKC) Phase I,” Roberts continued. “As recently announced, Kubota closed on land south of Interstate 35 to construct two, one million square-foot, state-of-the-art logistics facilities for its new North American Distribution Center (NADC). Kubota plans to plant solid roots in Kansas to expand distribution capacity and streamline logistics processes for the timely delivery of Kubota-branded service parts and equipment to U.S. customers. This project will provide supporting infrastructure to Kubota and Logistics Park Kansas City Phase II south of Interstate 35.”
The project includes the design and construction of Homestead Lane (I-35 to 207th) and 207th St (Homestead lane to Waverly). Homestead Lane includes a new four lane bridge over a tributary of Big Bull Creek and includes a sidewalk on one side. Road improvement for Homestead and 207th will include four lanes with a 14 foot median/turn lanes and a 10-foot wide sidewalk.
KDOT has committed to pay 80 percent of eligible costs to support LPKC Phase II (specifically Kubota) located on the NW corner of 207th and Waverly.
Project cost is estimated at $11.875 million, and KDOT will contribute 80 percent, not to exceed $9.5 million. KDOT’s commitment to the project requires the remaining 20 percent, and any other ineligible costs, to be financed by Edgerton Land Holding Company. No general fund dollars will be used for the construction.
Edgerton is not required to repay KDOT.
Based on KDOT’s letter of intent, and the aggressive construction schedule to provide at least two lanes of roadway by the first quarter 2019 to serve Kubota, Edgerton had issued a Request for Proposals and Design Memorandum in May.
The three contractors who have previously demonstrated the ability to meet or exceed an expectation of schedule included: Clarkson Construction Company, Miles Excavating Inc., and Emergy Sapp & Sons.
Staff recommended Miles Excavating/Affinis/Garver team as the most qualified for this project.
Miles was selected based on:
-ability to exceed schedule expectations
-innovative solutions to construction
-ability to deliver entire project under budget with additional line items to consider
-proven experience working adjacent to utilities and residential uses.
The proposed agreement with the design build team will be brought before the city council July 12, 2018.
In addition, council approved an agreement with BG Consultants for the administration and observation services for the Homestead lane and 207th St. project.
The agreement includes a scope of work to include such services as performing inspections, notification to Edgerton of any significant issues/changes to the plans, providing detailed daily reports on construction activity, and reviewing testing reports and pay estimates.
Based on the scope of the project BG estimated the cost of about $500,000. This cost is eligible for reimbursement in the agreement with KDOT.