The Joint Legislative Transportation Vision Task Force was established during the 2018 Kansas Legislative session.
Don Roberts, Edgerton mayor, was selected as a member of the task force.
It was established by the Kansas Legislature to evaluate the current transportation system, gather feedback from stakeholders and residents, and make proposals about necessary projects and future funding strategies for transportation.
“Our cities have a vested interest in ensuring a quality transportation infrastructure for economic growth, livability, and public safety,” said Erik Sartorius, executive director of the League. “We look forward to participating in the task force and helping to shape the future of transportation in Kansas.”
The task force includes members of the legislature, Kansas residents and many other leagues and associations in Kansas.
Roberts, has been Edgerton mayor nine years, and he has focused on the growth of Edgerton’s multi-modal transportation hub. The businesses at the intermodal transport goods and services nationwide.  Transportation as a factor in economic growth in Edgerton and elsewhere.
Also selected was Jon Daveline, councilman, Hutchinson. Daveline is currently serving his second term on the Hutchinson City Council. He previously served as mayor from 2016-2018. Prior to his city council election, he served as the CEO of the Hutchinson-Reno County Chamber of Commerce for 30-plus years. He worked as a consultant on the chamber’s special projects. He has always stressed the importance of a strong highway system for our state and local communities.
The task force will begin meeting this summer and will submit their findings to the Kansas Legislature by Jan. 31, 2019.