Locally the Gardner Edgerton Chamber of Commerce disperses bags to welcome new residents. It follows in the steps of the old “welcome wagon” that greeted newcomers and introduced them to the town.
It’s a good tradition.
Local businesses provide information and greetings to newcomers in the Chamber bag.
The service both welcomes residents and promotes growth among area businesses.
It’s like putting your best foot forward; people want to move to friendly, kind places, and when you’re familiar with the town’s shops, you’re more likely to go there.
This is the type of warmth and homey feeling that Gardner has, and it is a positive outreach that should be encouraged.
As our mothers used to say, “if you can’t say something nice, say nothing.”
We should, in this country, welcome and help others who come to us.
People come here because we’re considered the “land of plenty,” and a “melting pot” of immigrants. They could go anywhere else, but people come to America for the opportunities and values that we have.
Taking children and pummeling people with xenophobic insults is no way to welcome anyone. It just makes us look bad.
No matter your feelings on deportation and illegal immigrants, America is behind the eight ball – immigrants have been coming for decades, many illegally due to antiquated and bureaucratic immigration laws.
They work here. Shop here. Live here. Attend our schools and churches.
In many respects a welcome mat was laid out for them – government benefits, federal tax id numbers for those who want to start a business, rental homes and car purchases. We even print government forms in immigrants’ language.
The system is schizophrenic. They are welcomed on one hand, deported with the other.
It’s a long stretch from a welcome bag to immigration policy, but it is something that we can fix.
Thank you Chamber for welcoming newcomers.
Thank you America for being the land of the brave and the free.