Thirty five years ago, Hafis Bertschinger, a native of Helvetia (Switzerland), came to Gardner – where the trails divide – and traveled the 2,170 mile Oregon Trail on horseback. Today, less than two months shy of his 85th birthday, he has returned to the USA to do it again – but this time he will undertake the journey by bicycle.
Bertschinger wants to do the trip alone, like he did three and a half decades ago, but says he would be happy to have other bikers join him for the first few miles to kick off his trip. He’ll be starting his ride from the Gardner Junction on Wednesday morning June 27th. Other bikers who would like to ride with him for the first few miles should be there, ready to go at 9 a.m.
There will be a more detailed, full length article in the June 27 edition of The Gardner News.