The Board of County Commissioners have authorized the publication of the proposed fiscal year 2019 maximum budget, totaling $819.5 million in expenditures and $283 million in reserves.
After publication, FY 2019 budgeted expenditures can be decreased, but not increased.
“The FY 2019 proposed budget includes the potential to reduce the mill levy by a quarter mill, returning resources back to taxpayers,” said Ed Eilert, chairman.
Last year’s quarter mill reduction, combined with the potential 2019 quarter-mill reduction of the county mill levy, creates cumulative more than half-mill reduction in the mill levy.
The current total estimated county mill levy is 26.351 mills — 19.318 for the county taxing district; 3.921 mills for the library taxing district; and 3.112 mills for the park and recreation taxing district. However, with a quarter-mill reduction the county’s mill levy, the levy would drop to 26.101 mills — 19.068 for the county taxing district.
The budget proposal funds a maximum 4,011.04 full-time-equivalent employees, including 18 new positions funded by county tax support and nine FTEs that are fee supported. The remaining new positions include 20.9 for libraries and 15.6 FTEs for parks and recreation.
“We encourage residents to review our proposed budget online and to attend our public hearing on July 30 to learn more about the specifics of our budget and provide us feedback,” Penny Postoak, interim county manager.