Many view the warm summer months as a time to be lazy.
A time when you can kick back and enjoy a good book; go to the pool; vacation; or chill out with a good movie.
But, events such as Festival on the Trails, Chat Fest, Food Truck Frenzy, Frontier Days, Old Settler Days, Juneteenth and Johnson County Fair are what make summers locally.
There’s an old adage, “Wake up and Smell the Roses.”
Fun summer events are “roses” and are calling you to enjoy life.
Festivals are something for every ethnic group, culture (traditional or not).
They allow you to explore the world around you.
There are so many discoveries: see a goat, ride a ferris wheel, enjoy funnel cake, or hear Negro spirituals for the first time.
Festivals are a showcase for what Gardner and the metro area can offer.
There is a lot of friendship, popcorn, and fun to give.
So, please come to a festival and soak up the sun.
It’s what summer is for.
(And be sure to thank the volunteers who make these events possible.)