Joan Dorsey
Contributing columnist
So ever since I can remember, I was told to act my age. As a kid that translated into be polite, don’t make faces and respect your elders.
We hear so much about all the tests we need to have done and at what age. It seems colon cancer is on the decline in older folks, but on the rise in younger ones. So they lowered the age of having the tests done.
We are told when to get tests for women’s health. Eye concerns and just about any and everything under the sun.
Advice from your doctor should be followed as well as you can. After all, it is for your own good. If you have a doctor who belittles you or shames you into things, for goodness sake, find a different one. Nothing raises the hackles on your neck like someone telling you that you are fat or lazy.
I was a rather reserved kid, or so I think. I was at home reading or watching movies when my classmates, some of them, were out on Spook Road having parties or whatever. I didn’t feel left out or shunned. I was doing what I liked, and so were they.
Every once in a while, you need to just cut loose and do some safe, but kinda little crazy things. These things which may cause uncontrollable laughter are good for the body and the soul.
My children were all in town last week. They came for their grandparents birthday and a family reunion.
This being in town thing usually results in family stories shared and wonderment, sometimes on their part, that Mom was a kid, too. I did some crazy things as a teenager, not very often, but a few.
On the final night of the kids being home, my son and my not-a-son in law went to the Royals game. They had a blast. It even went into five extra innings.
My daughter, my daughter in law and I went to Oak Park shopping. This could have been a most serious trip to buy bath bombs and shoes. Then things went south, as they say.
You see there is a big carousel in Oak Park Mall. I had almost talked myself into staying home. I was tired. People coming and going at all hours plus a holiday and well just stuff. My daughter shamed me into going. She has a way about her.
Then I saw the carousel. It has been a good eight maybe nine years since I was on a merry-go –round. The sounds and lights are always happy times. I loved taking my kids when they were small. Later it was roller coasters, but that is another story.
So tokens were purchased and suitable animals selected for riding. My daughter had frog I believe, my daughter-in-law a porpoise, and I had a hare.
We took pictures of each other and enjoyed every minute. Plus we laughed and laughed all the way down to where you can’t laugh anymore.
I am sure this was not acting my age, but I really didn’t care. It felt so good to laugh, with people I love. People who don’t judge or make snarky comments.
I think this is something our doctors need to suggest, along with all those tests and walking 20 minutes every day. We need to be reminded to laugh.
Laugh so hard at silly funny stuff you can’t catch your breath. It makes you feel so good. It has to be good for you.
So sometimes don’t act your age.
Have a good hearty laugh with a friend or family. It clears your mind and makes you feel so much better.
This is my advice, and I am going to try to stick to it!