The average residential customer of Johnson County Water District #7 will increase 4 percent, or about $2.20 per month, according to Allan Soetaert, director.
The average water bill for the district’s 3,100 customers is $55. The new rates will be effective July 1, 2018.
“Last year (July 2017) the increase was 3.5 percent.
“The board of directors reviewed the water rates annually,” Soetaert said. “They have historically adjusted rates to maintain pace with the adjustments from its wholesale supplies.  These rate annual adjustments typically are around 1 – 4 percent.  The board of directors have expressed their favor for smaller incremental increases rather than larger periodic ones.”
JO#7 purchases water from Olathe and the Hillsdale Reservoir; however, that supply is contracted for treatment by another rural water district and then distributed into the JO7 system. JO7 also has two smaller wholesale contracts with the City of Gardner and Johnson County (Airport), Soeaert said.
The board determined that in adjusting the rates at this time, it is maintaining its fiduciary responsibility and passing along these wholesale rate increases as they are experienced.