“All welfare recipients should be drug tested,” is a common refrain on social media. Especially during election years.
During the 80’s, and the advent of the “war on drugs” under President Ronald Reagan, the federal government began recommending drug testing of employees. And by 1988, any employer with a contract of $25,000 or more was required to drug test.
More than 30 years later, many agree the war on drugs has failed; and a cottage industry has been built around drug testing.
So if marijuana becomes legal, what happens to all those employed collecting and testing the public’s urine? We’re not sure how employable someone is that lists “urine collector” under job skills.
So here’s a thought – Let’s drug test elected officials. And candidates.
And let’s publish the results.
Insulin dependent? Publish it.
Viagra? Alcohol? Publish it.
Oxycontin? Subutext? Tramadol? Publish it.
Xanax? Prozac? Aricept? Ambian? Publish it all.
After all when we watch the news – whether conservative or liberal – we just shake our heads at the comments, antics and tomfoolery on display.
One decision – one back room deal – by elected officials can cost us a lot more than a welfare recipient’s food stamps or public assistance.
And drugs are drugs, whether through prescriptions from a well-paid doctor, a high dollar “pain management clinic” or the dealer on the corner; the effects of overuse can be the same.
It takes money to feed the drug habit.
And drugs, like alcohol, cloud judgement.
The ones making the decisions that affect us most are in high positions; not public housing.
One budget decision – or a few years’ worth – can strangle the Kansas economy. The same with elected officials on the national level.
Drug testing elected officials would save us all a lot of money and hardship.