Riana Henderson
Contributing columnist
I recently graduated high school, and I’m working in my first job: The Gardner News.
I’m trying to settle into the adult life. I’m going to the University of Kansas in August, where I will be on my own for about four years.
I have plans to go to graduate school and eventually become a history professor. I worry about the future and college life. I fear going at it alone. I fear not reaching my goals; my life not being how I planned it. I fear the worst scenarios will play out, causing me to lose my way.
Despite my worrying and pessimism, I know that I can do it. I work hard.
I transitioned, from school to a job, fairly well.
And, I went to all of the college planning seminars to gain more insight.
I prepared and that’s really all you can do!
I can ask for help from the people around me, my family and student advisors.
It’s only the unknown I fear. I’ve never been an adult before, and I have a lot of ground to cover.
I just need to try my best, going one day at a time and, finishing each day’s tasks.
There will be bumps in the road that I can’t prepare for. I’ll try as hard I can to face them.
I’ve had some challenges before, tried my best, worked my hardest and succeeded.
(Riana is a 2018 graduate of Gardner Edgerton High School and is working as an intern at The Gardner News)