Emails received by EDAC members from city staff indicate that an e mail confused dates and caused members of the EDAC meeting to miss the May 17 meeting, according to Larry Powel, economic development director, Gardner.
The email members received indicated a meeting date of May 24, but not the regular May 17 meeting. Members did attend the May 24 meeting.
Due to the email miscommunication, the May 17 Economic Development Advisory Committee meeting was cancelled due to lack of quorum. Powell, was present to lead the meeting, but no members showed up. He said he realized the miscommunication afterwards.
The committee currently has three seated members which means two are needed for quorum. The committee should have five members and is waiting for council to fill the empty seats.
According to the website, members are: Steve Shute, mayor, Randy Gregorcyk, council member, Shawn Carlisle, Sylvia Fernald and Steve McNeer.
The EDAC usually meets at 6 p.m. the third Thursday of each month