Gardner’s citywide cleanup will take place on Saturdays, June 2 and June 16.
The city will provide a free pick up of large and small items for residents within city limits. Residents south of 175th St./Main Street will receive service on June 2 and residents north of 175th St./Main Street will receive service on June 16. This offer does not apply to properties residing along private streets.
“In order to use our local disposal company, Gardner Disposal Service, the city had to divide the pick-up times into two weekends to coincide with their available resources,” Michael Kramer, public works director, said.
Gardner Disposal Service has approved the following items for collection:
• Appliances (doors secured or removed, no Freon)
• Box springs and mattresses
• Basketball goals (cut in half and concrete removed)
• BBQ grills (propane tank removed)
• Electronics
• Furniture
• Bicycles
• Push mowers (gas/oil removed)
• Disassembled swing sets
• Carpet (cut in 4-foot lengths, rolled and tied)
• Large pieces of glass (broken down and boxed)
• Bagged, boxed and bundled items
Larger items qualify if two individuals can lift them. In addition, any items over 6 feet should be cut in half.
To ensure collection of items, residents should place their belongings within 3 feet of the curb by 7 a.m. Residents must dispose of items on their own if they fail to make pick-up time.
Gardner Disposal will not collect domestic trash, tires, car parts, yard waste and items containing chlorofluorocarbons such as refrigerators, freezers and air conditioners. A full list of unapproved items are at the bottom.
For a fee, residents may request a separate pickup for unapproved items at 913.856.3851. Residents can contact the Olathe Household Hazardous Waste Facility at 913.971.9311 to schedule a drop off of hazardous materials such as auto products, paints and pesticides.
For more questions regarding approved items for collection or pick-up locations, please contact Jody Demaline, public works superintendent at 913.856.0908.