Jeff Colyer
Kansas Govenor
When I became Governor 100 days ago I laid out some very clear goals centered around reform, jobs, and education. I knew that there would be challenges along the way, but the importance of the task and the benefit that could be provided to Kansans made overcoming those challenges worth the effort. In my first 100 days I have assembled a team that is dedicated to making our state government more transparent and efficient, and making Kansas a place that our children see their future. We come into work every day focused on moving Kansas forward, and like I promised in my inaugural address we are keeping surgeons hours working tirelessly for the people. We have seen the creation of new jobs and an influx of new investments by businesses across our state. We have put out the message that Kansas is open for business and companies have listened. We have kept our schools open and for the first time ever we are asking to see measurable results attached to our investment. And we have done all of this while still keeping the promise to not raise taxes. However, the work is not finished yet. We cannot settle and we cannot go backwards. We are going to keep up the momentum of these first 100 days as we continue to grow our state for the future. I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for your support both now and as we move forward, and I would like to highlight just a few of the things we have been working on to create a brighter future here in Kansas.?

1.     Called for Pro-life constitutional amendment if Kansas Supreme Court overrules abortion laws
2.     Took Kansas case preventing taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood to the US Supreme Court
3.     Signed legislation to increase K-12 education investment by $535 million over next five years without requiring a tax increase
4.     Confirmed new Secretary of DCF
5.     Initiated top-to-bottom review of DCF
6.     Replaced leadership team and made other necessary staff changes at DCF
7.     Secured additional funding to locate missing foster kids
8.     Secured additional funding for emergency crisis beds which will help with the problem of foster kids sleeping in offices
9.     Launched Child Support Evaders website, which has already had success
10.  When drafting error existed in school funding bill, signed new bipartisan bill to fix it without controversy
11.  Required outcomes and accountability for schools
12.  Met with education leaders from all over state and conducted multiple tours of KS schools to speak with educators
13.  Encouraged schools to transform themselves with the Kansans Can model
14.  Kansas will provide free ACT tests for every Kansas student
15.  Signed legislation to increase mental health funding for schools
16.  Increased funding for students with disabilities
17.  Called for higher pay for Kansas teachers
18.  Created Governors Education Council
19.  Appointed Diane DeBacker as Director of Business and Education Innovation to sharpen our relationship between workforce
development and education
20.  Signed new task force to help school-children with dyslexia
21.  Encouraged more transparency by allowing Kansans to make free KORA requests
22.  Signed transparency EO requiring Cabinet agencies to develop and publish outcomes
23.  Signed transparency bill requiring DCF to report certain info after child deaths
24.  Signed transparency bill regarding police body cam videos
25.  Directed state agencies to be as transparent as possible
26.  Required mandatory annual sexual harassment prevention training for state employees
27.  Successfully advocated for electric utilities to return millions to consumers
28.  Successfully advocated for natural gas utilities to return millions to consumers
29.  Issued executive order to Ban the Box, giving ex-offenders a chance to become productive members of society
30.  Signed bill into law increasing penalties for repeat DUI offenders.
31.  Signed bill allowing for the growing of industrial hemp (with no THC) as new crop
32.  Fought to keep sorghum markets open in China
33.  After years of declines, on May 4 Standard and Poor’s upgraded the credit outlook for Kansas
34.  Appointed Tracey Mann as 50th Lt. Governor.
35.  Created a Chief Operating Officer to drive efficiency
36.  Named a new Budget/Chief Financial Officer
37.  Governor and Lt. Governor have visited dozens of Kansas communities in every corner of the state
38.  Confirmed new Secretary of KDHE
39.  Overhauled Governor?s office with new policy and communications teams
40.  Met with President Trump and Vice President Pence in Washington
41.  Secured Kansas? selection as site for UAV Pilot program
42.  Asked Attorney General to join Texas litigation on DACA
43.  Began process of Re-procurement for Kancare contracts
44.  Requested CMS to approve work requirements for healthy adults on Medicaid
45.  Signed bill to provide full tuition for Kansas National Guardsmen
46.  Deployed 800 Kansas Army Guard to the Middle East. Had opportunity to shake every soldier?s hand before they departed.
47.  Issued disaster declarations on multiple occasions and deployed Blackhawk teams to successfully combat more than 200 wildfires across Kansas.
48.  Refreshed state agencies with many new executives and senior level management
49.  Secured additional money for road construction
50.  Created new Task Force to recommend new road programs
51.  Appointed new Commissioner to KCC
52.  Appointed new judge for Pittsburg, Kansas
53.  Appointed new judge for Topeka, Kansas
54.  Successfully advocated for T-Mobile to agree to keep former Sprint HQ here in Kansas
55.  Launched My Re-employment program
56.  Launched Substance Use Disorder Task Force focusing on opioids and meth
57.  Appointed new Chief Medical Officer with specialty in substance abuse
58.  Sought waiver to increase the number of substance abuse beds in KS
59.  Successfully responded to measles outbreak
60.  Advocated for Kansas? interests in NAFTA renegotiations with Canadian Ambassador
61.  Launched new statewide broadband initiative
62.  Worked with Attorney General Schmidt on combatting human trafficking
63.  Attended the installation of new KU Chancellor
64.  Signed Nurse Licensure Compact bill
65.  Designated 74 areas across Kansas as Opportunity Zones to encourage development in low-income communities
66.  Broke ground on new Lansing Correctional Facility
67.  Signed new organ transplant bill
68.  Signed bill to encourage Poultry producer investments
69.  Launched website to post notice of all open state-government meetings
70.  Launched iKan app to allow Kansans to renew tags on cell phone
71.  Increased Medicaid reimbursement rates for rural hospitals
72.  Increased reimbursement rates for nursing homes
73.  Increased funding for Meals on Wheels program
74.  New program for beef traceability
75.  Supported programs for water conservation especially Ogallala aquifer
76.  Represented Kansas at the viewing of the late Billy Graham in the capitol rotunda in Washington.
77.  Signed Anti-swatting Bill into law
78.  Signed bill to help domestic violence victims maintain cell service
79.  Signed legislation providing civil immunity to citizens who damage property while saving pets and children locked in a hot vehicle.
80.  Hosted dinner at Cedar Crest to meet foster kids and families and hear their concerns
81.  Established the Governor?s Community Service Award with Kansas Volunteer Commission to honor service-minded HS students
82.  Honored Governor?s Scholars who graduated in the top 1% of their class
83.  Held a high-tech job fair for those who lost employment due to layoffs
84.  Signed legislation authorizing new Eisenhower statue on capitol grounds
85.  Worked with Trump Administration advocating for Kansas interest in NAFTA renegotiations
86.  Spoke before informal hearing in Washington on the humanitarian crisis in Syria
87.  Signed legislation banning the possession of firearms by people convicted of domestic abuse.
88.  Testified before an informal committee in Washington on the opioid crisis
89.  Spoke at the Invest in America Summit on ways the U.S. can secure foreign investment.
90.  Met with Deputy U.S Transportation Secretary Rosen to discuss President Donald J. Trump’s $1.5 trillion infrastructure plan
91.  Met with Secretary Alexander Acosta to discuss how we can improve and innovate in our workforce development efforts in Kansas.
92.  Met with Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke about water issues that are crucial to Kansas, especially our Ogallala aquifer.
93.  Met with EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt and discussed how the agency can be a collaborative partner with Kansas agriculture, energy, and business.
94.  Met with Secretary Alex Azar and Administrator Verma to discuss pertinent healthcare issues in Kansas.
95.  Met with Secretary Carson to discuss affordable housing issues in Kansas
96.  Took a ?Get to Know Your Governor Tour? across Kansas
97.  Addressed Kansas Right to Life at Pro-life Banquet
98.  Met with both Republican and Democratic leadership on first full day as governor,
99.  Met with Israeli Minister of Agriculture to discuss water conservation.
100.           Spoke with consul generals of China, Mexico, Pakistan, and Bangladesh to strengthen trade ties with Kansas.