“Math + science + reading + baking know-how = something delicious!” is the equation that King Arthur Flour’s program, “Bake For Good: Kids” shared with fourth and fifth grade students at Wolf Creek Elementary School.
During the “Bake For Good: Kids” program, students learned new skills such as tossing pizza crust and making cinnamon rolls in addition to learning how to make bread from scratch.
Each student was sent home with a baking bag, which included ingredients to make the bread. The amount of ingredients included was enough to make two loaves of bread. Students will bake and keep one loaf of bread while the other one is donated to the Spring Hill Food Pantry.
On May 9, students donated a total of 101 loaves of bread to the Spring Hill Food Pantry. It is estimated that another 60-70 loaves of bread will be donated on Thursday, May 10.
To learn more about the “Bake For Good: Kids” program, click here: http://www.kingarthurflour.com/bakingforgood/kids