A recent filing by Equifax disclosed additional details relating to its massive 2017 data breach, Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt said.
Last year, Equifax, one of the nation’s three major credit reporting bureaus, announced that its system was compromised between May and July of 2017 affecting 143 million Americans. Equifax has said that number includes about 1.1 million Kansans.
Equifax this week disclosed additional details of the breach in a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission, in response to Congressional requests for the company to provide more information about the breach. According to the filing, information about 146.6 million U.S. consumers was exposed in the breach. All of those individuals’ names and birthdates were exposed; 145.5 million people had their Social Security numbers exposed; and 99 million home addresses were exposed.
Equifax further shared that the following information was disclosed for certain numbers of consumers:
·        Gender: 27.3 million
·        Phone numbers: 20.3 million
·        Driver’s license numbers: 17.6 million
·        Email addresses: 1.8 million
·        Credit/payment card numbers and expiration dates: 209,000
·        Tax ID numbers: 97,500
·        Driver’s license state: 27,000
In the filing, Equifax noted the additional data did not involve any individuals not already known to be part of the group affected by the 2017 breach.
Schmidt reminded Kansas consumers they can soon take advantage of a new state law prohibiting credit reporting agencies from charging Kansans who wish to freeze, or thaw, access to their credit reports. The legislation was introduced at the request of the attorney general’s office earlier this year and was passed unanimously by the legislature in March and signed into law in by the governor in April. The new law goes into effect on July 1.
Consumers can find more information about how to protect themselves from data breaches at www.InYourCornerKansas.org.