Brace yourselves Gardner residents. While attending an Edgerton City Council meeting Thursday 4/26, it became obvious to me that current land acquisitions and construction of million square foot mega-warehouses will continue to squeeze Gardner into a box. Land to the South and East of the city is being acquired at an accelerated pace while Edgerton (the namesake of the LPKC warehouse district) remains untouched. Public land west of the Intermodal site has blocked LPKS’s expansion toward Edgerton and is forcing North Point Development to seek out real estate surrounding Gardner.
At one time Johnson County’s Long Range Plan showed plans for a railroad overpass at 199th and 56 Hwy connecting the Intermodal to 56 Hwy. and points West, as well as providing access to Edgerton for emergency vehicles without fear of being stopped by train traffic. Now that plan has been scrapped in favor of a 12+ million dollar overpass at 207th and Co-op Road south of Edgerton. After originally thinking this location was not a very functional option, it occurred to me that an overpass in that location would allow North Point Development access to large tracts of land south and west of Edgerton. (After all, doesn’t it make sense that LPKC-Edgerton, should ACTUALLY BE AT EDGERTON, KS — not 4 1/2 miles East surrounding Gardner and heading south of I-35?)
The Edgerton mayor’s response to my suggestion was very adamant, and he indicated he would never support turning I-35 Exit #202 and Sunflower Road into an intermodal trucking corridor. This tells me the mayor and Edgerton City Council will thwart any attempts to develop the lands around Edgerton and are perfectly content to make monumental decisions as long as they don’t adversely affect Edgerton. They seem “unfazed” as they watch the lights, noise, commuter traffic, and heavy truck congestions problems continue to overload Gardner’s roads and bridges.
In an article in the Kansas City Star even the CEO of North Point, Nathaniel Hagedorn, stated, “This is where development continues to grow —down I-35…This will all be developed,” he said. “It’s just the march of progress.” So if Mr. Hagedorn believes that, why won’t Edgerton step up and carry their fair share of the “progress.”
During my three minute allotted time to address the Edgerton City Council I posed this question, “Do you really believe you don’t have any civic or moral responsibility to help address all of the expansion and infrastructure problems your decisions are creating?” —— (This is one of the questions the mayor chose not to respond to.)
Carl Peer,
Spring Hill