Staff photo by Rick Poppitz

There was a full house at the April 26 Edgerton city council meeting to see council unanimously pass Resolution No. 04-26-18B, requiring the half-car that has sat along Hwy 56 in Edgerton for decades to be removed by May 7. Seven patrons came forward to tell council they wanted the half-car to stay. Don Roberts, mayor, said he was as sentimentally attached to the car as anyone, as he had participated with Ray Braun in the halving, but he believed council had an obligation to uphold the city codes now, even if it was unpopular, and if preferential treatment were given here, it could lead to requests for exception in other cases. Metro TV news media was at the meeting to cover the viral story, that has been reported by news outlets nationwide and as far away as the United Kingdom and Japan.