The GEYCP has lost about $153,000 year to date, according to a statement supplied by USD 231. According to the April 19, 2018 profit and loss statement, revenues are $84,000 and included costs are $237,000. Other costs will be added at the end of the fiscal year in June.
There was not an extraordinary school fund budgeted for in 2015 – 2016 years.
The extraordinary school fund was utilized beginning July 1, 2017; and the use of the fund was confirmed by Kansas State Department of Education.
“The goal of the GEYCP program has always been, and will always be, to strive to be break-even,” said Leann Northway, public information officer. “In year one of the program, we were realistic that one-time start up costs, combined with lower participation, would make break-even a lofty goal.  In year two, we are planning for lower one-time costs, combined with higher participation, to move closer to break-even.  As with any programming, we will annually evaluate results versus costs to allow the governing body to assess the viability of the programming.”
In Spring 2017 USD 231 created two new positions to oversee the GEYCP, and Northway said the general fund in 2016-17 was supporting the initial costs associated with the program implementation and that the extraordinary school fund budget (Fund 22) would be used for accounting.
Fund 22 does not have a mill levy. The startup expenses were $10,000 from the general fund.
“The current deficit does include the $10,000 start-up costs as start-up revenue,” said Jeremy McFadden, finance director. “The $10,000 has not been repaid to general fund.  The repayment is planned to occur in year three.” A transfer from the general fund will cover the GEYCP deficit.
The current deficit also does not include some overhead costs.
“The district allocates overhead costs to applicable programs as part of the fiscal year close process each June,” said McFadden.  Appropriate allocation of these costs will be recorded in June 2018, based on actual utility costs incurred during the fiscal year.
In addition the district will allocate overhead costs to applicable programs as part of the fiscal year close process each June.  Appropriate allocation of these costs will be recorded in June 2018, based on actual building costs incurred during the fiscal year.
“Two full time salaries (John Duncanson and Ryan Colston) are allocated 100 percent to GEYCP.  The associated payroll taxes and benefits for these positions are also allocated 100 percent to GEYCP.  Costs are not split with other funds,” Northway said. “Annual salary costs for full time staff total $167,400 compensation, $13,438 for benefits and cell phone.  Employer payroll taxes and unemployment not included.”
According to current information, the district employs two full time GEYCP workers and lists GEYCP paid hourly event workers as: outside workers 11, USD staff members 28 and high school workers at 36, for a total of 75.
Total enrollment to date is 1,734. The highest enrollment was track and field (350); YCP open skills basketball (326); and Special Olympics Boccee Ball tournament (175).
Budget documents are listed in the USD 231 budget documents online; and accounting is kept internally in district software.
According to the USD 231 website: All GEYCP sessions and activities are led by Gardner Edgerton School District staff and students. Each session will include a variety of activities such as arts and crafts, games, relays, snack making and more. Activities will change daily based on interest, and participants will be able to choose what activity they want to participate in. Each day and each session can be a different experience.
Classes included under GEYCP include: volleyball; Blazerettes dance camp; kids knight; special Olympics; bocce ball; Frick-n-Frack design; enrichment class for USD 231 employees school age children during Summer Learning Academy.