Joan Dorsey
Contributing columnist
I must admit. I have been counting the days till spring since that mangy groundhog predicted six more weeks of winter. That mathematically-challenged rodent was wrong. Just plain wrong.
We get one or two decent spring like days, and we dash about like ants on a mission. People come out they walk their dogs, they chat with neighbors. Pull a few weeds and wham, back to snow and sleet for several days. It reminds me of ants in the kitchen.
Yes, they will be along anytime now also. You know how it is, one minute you move the loaf of bread to make toast, and the next time you move it a small village of ants has appeared.
You follow the trail and it winds through your entire house and disappears in a non-existent hole in the woodwork.
There is always a pang of guilt while killing the small circus of ants. After all they have waited week after week for spring. They also long to lounge on your patio chair. They have waited to camp under the grill, scavenge in the yard for something dead, so the “fam” can have a get together. Not so very different than us, really.
So we wait. I have always secretly giggled at those people who wait till after April 16, the latest freeze date for our area. I have planted pansies and snapdragons in the light snow to have cool weather flowers to enjoy. Not this year.
I have avoided the local greenhouses on purpose. Most gardeners plant potatoes on my birthday, again not this year.
As I put this together, we are looking at snow again this weekend. I have waited more or less patiently. I need several days of 60 or 70 degree weather to recharge my people batteries. I need to smell new mown grass. To regret not using sunscreen and swat at a mosquito or a fly.
I need some spring before we dive into tornado-pre-summer season.
If a groundhog happens to cross the path of my car he better be fast, really fast.
On a not so light note, as always, with people out and about in your neighborhoods, keep an eye out for vehicles that don’t seem to belong.
Keep an eye out for neighbors who might be gone. Call our local police and report things that don’t seem right. Whether it is an unusual vehicle or people out going door to door or just loitering about. It may be nothing but better safe than sorry.
Also with the time to have open windows and patio doors approaching keep your music audible to you not the whole neighborhood, and keep your dog from being a nuisance.
Maybe, just maybe, it will be spring before long and we can all enjoy it.