Wesley Slavens
It was a great afternoon for a track meet April 10 at the Trail Ridge Middle School. It was the first meet of the year for all three Eudora, Ottawa, and Trail Ridge Middle Schools. The Huskies competed hard and came away with all four teams finishing runner-up in the overall standings and two new school records were set.

7th Grade Girls: Second place team

First place finishers
Julia Becker- Shot Put (28’8”)
Isebella Stubbs- 3200m (14:26) New School Record!!
Bailey O’Sulivan- 100m (15.2)
Adrianne Farley- 400m (1:10)
4×100- O’Sulivan, Betsy Ross, Brenley Cunningham, Kaira Mannio (58.1)
4×200- Jadyn Padilla, Lauren Mulwa, Avery Williams, Cunnimgham (2:10)
Sprint Medley: O’Sulivan, Mulwa, Mannio, Farley (2:11)

Second place finishers
Becker- Discus (57’4”)
Ross- High Jump (4’)
Mannio- Pole Vault (6’6”)
4×400- Kaitlyn Morris, Emerson Cortner, Isabelle Landau, Aubrey Shambaugh (5:11.8)

Third place finishers
Sariyah Williams- Discus (56’8”)
O’Sulivan- High Jump (3’8”)
Mannio- 100m (15.37)
Morris- 400m  (1:16.8)
Elizabeth Fiedler- 3200m (18:15)

Fourth place finishers
Shambaugh- Long Jump (12’1.25”)
Mulwa- Pole Vault (5’6”)
Alivia Drake- 1600m (6:57.9)
Trinity Hudson- 400m (1:21)
Nalleli Rolff- 800m (3:00.7)

7th Grade Boys: Second place team

First place finishers
Lukas Garcia- Shot Put (32’10”)
Zaine Mayfield- Long Jump (15’11)
Landon Comstock- 3200m (12:46) New School Record!!!
Alonzo Borjas- 400m (1:08)
4×100- Derek Landis, Connor Gunderson, Maxwell Dale, Harrison Yager
4×400- Comstock, Landon Dowell, Jude Anderson, Andrew Kamatio (4:37)

Second place finishers
Gunderson- Pole Vault (7’)
Borjas- 100 Hurdles (19.36)
Kyle Oatman- 100m (13.76)
Kamatio- 200m (28.9)
Sprint Medley- Borjas, Ian Rodger, Mayfield, Oatman (1:55.9)

Third place finishers
Oatman- Long Jump (14’10”)
Nathaniel Wilson- 400m (1:10)

Fourth place finishers
Comstock- Discus (69’9”)
Kamatio- High Jump (4’6”)
Mayfield- 100m (13.86)
Benjamin Pahls- 1600m (6:48)
Wilson- 200m (30.14)

8th Grade Girls: 2nd place team

First place finishers
Jaylyne Bell- High Jump (4’9”)
Lilly Blakey- Pole Vault (6’6”)
Fernanda Martinez- 100m (14.43) 400m (1:08.2)
Kelsey Macedo- Pole Vault (6’6”)
Sprint Medley- Kelsey Macedo, Katie Thompson, Gracen Mealman, Martinez (2:09.24)

Second place finishers
Mealman- High Jump (4’7”)
Sydney Hammett- (2:53.6)
4×100- Blakey, Abbi Everman, Jamie Pemberton, Bell (56.7)
4×200- Blakey, Ellie Bockus, Mealman, Kaylynn Melton (2:06.3)
4×400- Blackey, Melton, Bell, Hammett (4:50.6)

Third place finishers
Hammett- 1600m (6:40.3)
Everman- 200m (31.96)

Fourth place finishers
Hannah Bunch- Discus (63’6”)
Pemberton- Long Jump (13’)
Michaela Konzem- High Jump (3’5”)
Everman- Pole Vault (6’)
Bell- 100 Hurdles (19.28)
Lisa Macedo- 400m (1:24)
Bockus- 200m (33.1)

8th Grade Boys: 2nd place team

First place finishers
Gustavo Hernandez- 3200m (12:30.3)
John Ashens- 100m (12.87) 200m (26.25)
Blake Moore- 400m (1:05.7)
4×100 Ashens, Lucas Anderson, Cole Debolt, Will Schuler (50.42)
4×400 Anderson, Gauge Essex, Brady Hilton, Debolt (4:17)

Second place finishers
Moore- High Jump (5’2”) 100 Hurdles (19.9)
Jacob Rhoads- 400m (1:06.4)
Hilton- 400m (1:06.4)
4×200- Ashens, Manny Nwofor, Derek Toomey, Schuler (1:48.97)

Third place finishers
Debolt- Long Jump (16’3.5”)
Essex- Pole Vault (8’)
Kalvin Lokaphone- 100 Hurdles (19.9)
Anderson- 200m (27.04)
Sprint Medley- Schuler, Toomey, Nwofor, Moore (2:03.3)

Fourth place finishers
Schuler- High Jump (5’)
Anderson- 100m (13.7)
Ian Meyer- 1600m (6:13.13)
Hernandez- 800m (2:34.9)