It’s great to see a plan in place to utilize the old Catholic Church — and Warren St. property – as an event center; and especially that the plan is being spearheaded by a local resident.
Built in the 1880’s, the church saw an untold number of residents pass thru its doors for weddings, services, Baptisms and funerals.
The old Parish Center, behind the church, has served not only the parish, but has hosted Gardner Chamber of Commerce meetings as well as other community events.
The plan was approved by the Gardner Planning Commission and will now go to the council.
Gardner has needed a place to hold meetings and weddings for more than two decades.
There are several locations – most notably the senior center – that are available, but the calendar fills up quickly, and the number of attendees is limited.
When the Hampton Inn opens, Gardner will also have space to host meetings and business events. The 82 room hotel and convention center is scheduled to open in fall of 2018.
Finally, area residents won’t have to travel from Gardner for special events.