The Grand Star PTA hosted a science event last week to engage students’ families in STEM activities. Grand Star PTA was one of only 35 nationwide who received a STEM grant. Staff photos by Rick Poppitz

Grand Star PTA was awarded a grant from National PTA and Bayer to educate and engage Grand Star Elementary families in STEM activities focused on science. Grand Star PTA was one of only 35 PTAs across the country selected to receive a grant.
The grant recognizes Grand Star PTA’s leadership and commitment to increasing access to STEM – particularly science – experiences for Gardner children and families.
Grand Star PTA hosted a science festival on March 29 that gave students and their families a chance to visit a gym full of experiment stations and participate in fun, hands-on science activities.
“We have 10 stations. The students have a passport that they get checked at each station once they complete it. Then at the end they do a survey and enter the passports into a raffle for kids and parents,” said Melissa Smith, one of the PTA organizers.
STEM events have 3 goals: to engage families using hands-on learning opportunities and science experiences at a science festival, in collaboration with Bayer’s Making Science Make Sense initiative; to educate families about science literacy and science careers and empower them to support their children’s success in science and to connect families and students to science enrichment and professional mentor ship opportunities.
“It is an honor to have been given this opportunity. Grand Star PTA is excited to bring this experience to the students at Grand Star Elementary,” said Charity Thurston, Grand Star PTA co-president.