Rick Poppitz
Special to The Gardner News
Four business agenda items were considered at the Edgerton city council on March 22, and the council made two appointments.

Pump Station lot annexation
Council considered Ordinance No. 1078 Annexing Certain Land into Edgerton. Staff presentation was given by Katy Crow, development services director.
NorthPoint Development, LLC on behalf of Edgerton Land Holding Company, LLC has submitted a Consent for Annexation for property they own, generally located north of 199th Street and east of Four Corners Road.
This parcel was formerly owned by Water 7 and was used for a booster pump station. That pump has since been removed, and the parcel is now owned by Edgerton Land Holding Company, LLC.
The property owner has filed the required petition for Consent for Annexation.
The property surrounding this parcel was annexed into the city on March 27, 2014, through Ordinance 969.
Ordinance No. 1078 was approved by 4-0 council vote.

Homestead Lane/207th Street
Council considered Authorization of Homestead Lane/207th Street Road Improvement Project. Beth Linn, city administrator, gave the staff presentation.
This item was on the previous meeting’s agenda and was tabled.
“On the 15th you did a clarification, or correction ordinance for the annexation, and we wanted that ordinance to be effective before this authorization gets considered,” said Linn.
KDOT has committed to pay 80 percent of the construction costs of new road/bridge construction at Homestead Lane/207th Street south of I-35 to support LPKC Phase II and specifically Project Mustang.
The road improvements are currently estimated at $11.8M. KDOT has agreed to contribute towards 80 percent ($9.44M) of the construction costs. The commitment from KDOT requires the remaining 20 percent of the cost of road improvements be funded by another party.
Edgerton’s LPKC Phase II agreements require Edgerton Land Holding Company to finance the remaining 20 percent of construction cost.
No city general fund dollars will be used for this construction.
This authorization will begin the procurement process to select a design-build team to present to council at a future meeting.
Council approved with a 4-0 vote.

Cooperative purchasing membership
Council considered membership with National Joint Powers Alliance (NJPA).
NJPA’s cooperative purchasing power allows for streamlining of the purchasing process and reduces additional administrative efforts and cost. This partnership has no annual cost, obligation or liability to Edgerton.
“It allows us to get bids from vendors on a national basis,” said Trey Whitaker, public works superintendent, in the staff presentation.
Whitaker said it would help get better prices on vehicles, equipment, hard parts, fixtures and furnishings because it cuts out the middleman.
“Basically dealing direct from the manufacturer. This is manufacturer pricing,” he said.
”If we can add another tool to our purchasing belt, why wouldn’t we? There’s no cost, it seems like a no-brainer,” said Josh Lewis, council member.
Lewis made a motion to join NLPA which carried by a 4-0 vote.

Appointments and Retirement
Two appointments were made in consent agenda approval. David Hamby was appointed as Floodplain Administrator for Edgerton, relieving Scott Peterson, assistant city administrator, who was serving interim.  Due to the retirement of Janeice Rawles, city clerk, Scott Peterson was appointed as Interim City Clerk.
Rawles was recognized for her 26 years of service, this was her last council meeting as city clerk and Friday was her last day of work before retirement.