Joan Dorsey
Contributing columnist
Another birthday has passed —so far so good. I mean if you have seen one, you have pretty much seen over 60 of them.
Everyone has parties and parades on my birthday. They wear green clothing and pretend to be Irish, at least long enough to drink some adult beverages and have fun.
I don’t mind birthdays, if you have one, then you have made it through another year.
When I was younger and had small children, I would fall victim to the occasional pitty party.
You know, where you sit and feel sorry for you self and look for any and all sympathy. While having a pity party is good short term entertainment, it really has no purpose. It doesn’t solve the problem, and people just tend to ignore you.
I am really glad my kids are grown and problem solving adults, with their own lives.
This brings me to spring is almost here. I got off my lazy seat and decided to work on cleaning out flower beds. My neighbor just moved out, and the new owner is doing his best to make the house look great and sell quickly. I wanted any possible new owners to realize I care about my place and expect them to feel the same about theirs.
As I worked in the yard, I hear a family a couple of doors down out back playing soccer. The kids were running and hollering and just generally being kids and being outdoors!
After about 10 minutes one of the kids started complaining. I mean about every little thing. Ball was kicked too hard, or too soft. So and so beat him to it…. This child complained nonstop.
I was totally glad my kids were grown. No one likes to be around a chronic complainer, of any age. It wasn’t long before they all gave up and headed back inside. The quiet was nice, and the birds were lovely to hear.
Monday brought rain and with that no danger of grass fires for at least a little while. For us spring starts on Tuesday.
Hopefully it will take this time. I could do without any more snow and no ice!
So if you feel a pity party heading your way. Don’t give in.
There are too many things to be happy and grateful for. Even if your kids are little, be glad you have them.