Edgerton city council in session at a special meeting on March 15, 2018. From left: Ron Conus, council member; Clay Longanecker, council president; Don Roberts, mayor; Josh Lewis, council member; Jody Brown, council member; and Beth Linn, city administrator. Council repealed and replaced an ordinance authorizing annexation of land that was adopted in December 2016. Staff photo by Rick Poppitz

Rick Poppitz
Special to The Gardner News
Edgerton city council called a special meeting on March 15 to consider Ordinance No. 1077. Adopting this ordinance would repeal and replace Ordinance No. 1071, which was adopted in December 2016 and annexed 575 acres into the corporate boundaries of the city of Edgerton.
At the previous council meeting on March 8, a rezoning request for a portion of that newly annexed land was denied, due to the discovery of errors in the legal description.
This special meeting was called to address multiple legal descriptions provided to the city for 17 annexed parcels that did not properly describe the subject real properties.
After roll call and consent agenda, council recessed into executive session for five minutes. Upon resuming open session, council considered Ordinance 1077.
Staff and the city attorney have worked with the county to correct the errors. The city requested and received revised Consents for Annexation for the 17 tracts, including the corrected legal descriptions. As with the previous ordinance, all requests for annexation are voluntary and is contiguous to property within Edgerton’s corporate city limits.
“There’s been an immense amount of work put back into this, to make it all right, and it’s been vetted by the city and the county already, so we’re confident it’s correct,” said Don Roberts, mayor.
Motion was made and carried with a 4-0 vote.
Before the meeting adjourned, Roberts read a letter of resignation from Darius Crist, council member. Crist was elected to a four year term in 2016.