Staff photos by Rick Poppitz

Signs are going up for RideKC, the public transit program set to being operation on April 2, 2018. The “SW Johnson County Jobs Connector” will connect the LPKC to New Century, KCK, KCMO and South KCMO. There will be six morning routes and seven evening routes at a cost of $1.50 full fair, according to Aaron Otto, executive director for the Johnson County Airport Commission. The idea is to get a jump on long range transportation, in part due to the uniqueness of the LPKC intermodal at Edgerton, Josh Powers, Johnson County business liason, has said previously. There are currently 7,000 jobs at the intermodal and long range plans indicate there may be 13-20,000 more in the next ten years. County staff worked with the MidAmerica Regional Council during 2017. Approved by the Johnson County Commissioners in February at a cost of about $764,000, it is hoped the bus service would increase stability in recruitment and retention efforts for employers; and create a positive employer response, assistance with marketing/public private partnerships; and pass programs. Goals would include 220 riders daily in the first year, more than 300 in the third year and 65 monthly pass holders to total $39,000.