Joan Dorsey
Contributing columnist
Back in the early 80’s, unless my memory has failed me, the cable TV
world arrived in Edgerton.
We had a notice they were coming to town and waited a couple of months. A young man came to my house drilled a hole in my west wall, fed a cable through that hole made some connections and VOILA! Magic!
Our first cable box was plastic with push buttons. It sat proudly on our console TV. The TV was an RCA enclosed in wood. That was a huge purchase in those day; it was furniture.
What that cable supplied was just magic. A couple hundred channels of TV and three channels of movies. All day every day. The choices were seemingly endless.
Another ground breaking thing happened in 1981. MTV went on the air.
August 1, 1981. My son has lived his whole life with a music channel.
Seeing all those musicians without having to attend a concert was amazing.
Robert Palmer and his girls dressed in black doing “simply
Irresistible,” Michael Jackson, ZZ top, the music went on and on.
My Mother came from a generation that listened to the radio. It provided music to backdrop your daily routine and chores plus news, weather and commentary. We always had a radio playing in the kitchen when I was growing up.
I came from a TV generation. It went from black and white, to color.
From the national anthem at 2 a.m. to 24 hours programming.
So once cable came to Edgerton, we were hooked up.
I picked a channel and stayed with it for most of the day when I wasn’t at work. The man of the house took over when he arrived home. When the cable boxes became sophisticated enough for a remote, the flipping began. Channel to channel.
If you made the mistake of trying to catch part of a show or commentary, you usually failed. But he worked hard for his money, and his time relaxing was  well earned and deserved.
Once we moved to our new house, we graduated to satellite TV. Even more channels and movies and programs.  Storms sometimes interrupted the viewing. I remember more than once standing on a ladder on a cold, snowy deck and brooming the snow and ice off of a satellite dish just to catch some TV.
Several years ago, after weighing the cost and the fact that you can only watch one at a time, I cut the “cable” cord. I don’t need MTV, or 200 choices. I do miss the movies, but with a subscription service I still have almost unlimited movies to view.
I have a small antenna that hangs on my south window. I can access around 30 channels, plus the ones I get through my service, which is computer related.
Free is good. What I have found is that things seem to remain the same. I watch channel 4-2 late evening. I have found, The Tonight Show and now SOAP!, Benson, Murphy Brown, Becker and even  Three’s Company.
The plots are relevant, even today. The faces may change, but the story lines don’t. Watching the other night, one young woman warning another about being alone with a director who was hiring for a commercial. So we knew even then about these predators, but we choose to forget.
If you choose to cut the cord you can save money. The antennas are very affordable, and you will have enough channels to entertain and delight you. Occasionally you must reposition to get better reception. A small inconvenience.
But remember, you can only watch one at a time. So Happy viewing, either way.