Anyone else tired of editorials about porta potties?
So are we.
Yet here we are again, same stuff, different day, and we’re wondering why a wonderful event at Gardner Municipal Airport couldn’t provide attendees a basic necessity – a flushable toilet.
A Young Eagles event hosted by Vintage Aircraft Association Chapter 16 (VAA16) drew several hundred participants. The program offers free plane rides for kids between the ages of 8 and 17, and this year a majority of the youth were girls.
It’s great program, and we’re glad to have them, so it’s a shame we didn’t have a modern toilet to provide.
Last time we wrote the porta potty editorial, we got four phone calls thanking us.
One of the callers said he’d be interested to see the city council members take turns sitting in a cold porta potty during high, gusting winds.
We won’t go that far, but we’ve said before that Gardner is out of compliance with their own city ordinance – just try to set a port potty on your front lawn and see how far you get.
We’re tired of hearing the toilet is broken.
We’re tired of hearing it is expensive to fix.
This town has money for what they WANT to do, so what’s $130,000 for a bathroom at Gardner Municipal Airport?
Just do it.
City council needs to give direction and get ‘er done.
Install a holding tank.
Bore under the road.
Do it.
Just do it.
That porta potty, and the lack of action regarding it, is an embarrassment.
How can Gardner move forward when we still have out houses within the city limits?