Joan Dorsey
Contributing columnist
Well as we all know, what goes around comes back around. I am not talking about the bell bottom pants hanging in the back of my closet, but rather grocery shopping.
The trend these days is using your computer for everything. Now lots of homes have a personal assistant Alexa or who ever. You can ask her to add an item to your grocery list or even if you have the system set up, have it ordered and sent to your house.
Back in the day (don’t you love it when the story gets to this part?) A trip to the grocery store was an event.
In my Mom’s case, probably not always a pleasant one, but an event. We lived close enough to be able to see the downtown from my childhood home. But “going to town” was a thing. Mom would change out of her everyday clothes into her going to the store clothes. Wardrobes back then were, going to church, or a wedding or funeral, going to town shopping or business, around the house attire.
Women didn’t wear pants or slacks till later in the 60’s, so she wore a dress. A trip to get groceries required, hair being done, lipstick and make up refreshed and your child looking decent. Buying groceries was a necessary semi social trip. You always saw someone you knew. You always visited for a few minutes and then continued with the trip. Mom preferred to shop when I was in school or early Saturday morning when I was still asleep or transfixed by Saturday morning cartoons. It was cheaper in the long run with much less whining I am sure.
I enjoy going to the grocery store. I like the shopping part. Choosing between produce and brands. Being able to see what is new and offered. I read a lot of labels these days and like it or not try to steer clear of sodium and other less than healthy things.
I will however not go to the local grocery during certain hours. I have a little freedom, so I can be picky about when I shop. I don’t like to shop after about 3 p,m. too many people with kids in tow. Hungry, after school kids. I refuse to shop around 5 to 6 p,m. It only makes me irritable. I have a low tolerance for the lady who leans elbows on her grocery cart while talking loudly into a cell phone as she compares peanut butter or green beans. I realize she is probably tired, she has yet to make it home to fix supper and listen to her kids complain about school. But good grief, can’t you stand up straight, put the phone in your purse and for even a few minutes and be part of society?
Which brings me to shopping and having it delivered to your home or driving up and having it loaded into your car. Groceries were delivered back in Mom’s day. Mainly to people who couldn’t get out, either due to health or possibly a new baby or just lack of a vehicle.
I think the delivery thing is a great idea. If you don’t like to shop or just plain don’t have the time, then this is for you. If you are so tired and physically taxed that you can’t do without that cell phone glued to your ear or stand up to push your cart, go for it!!
I was tempted last year after some surgeries to try the local delivery option. Honestly I wanted to go to the store. I wanted to see if I would get tired just walking into the place. I wanted some interaction with the familiar folks I know who work there. Possibly even a few I only see on occasion.
Going to the store reminds me to eat a little healthier. Reminds me just because it is on sale, I don’t really need it. Makes me choose and possibly decide on one thing over another. (Do I need a giant chocolate Easter bunny? No probably not).
So for now I will shop at my chosen times. I don’t dress up like my Mom but I try to comb my hair and change out of my ratty shoes and jeans. I will walk and get a few more steps on my fitness tracker. Hopefully even see a neighbor or two.
I will try to be polite and say “thank you” to the clerk and person who bags my items, because I still enjoy going to the store.