Jason Camis

Jason Camis
GE Chamber of Commerce
Every time I sit down to pen this column on what’s happened over the past year in the Gardner Edgerton community I’m reminded how lucky we are. Communities throughout our state and across the nation are envious of the growth we’ve had and the opportunities that growth presents for our businesses and community as a whole. When I travel to meetings or conferences of chamber of commerce executives from Johnson County to Las Vegas, many comment about what they see and hear as it relates to our region’s growth and the possibilities ahead of us.
It’s easy as residents, or simply as people who come to work here every day, to complain about what we see as deficiencies. But the shortcomings of our community pale in comparison to the significant progress happening here each year. And as someone who spends every day thinking about the business community, I say wholeheartedly we should be celebrating that success more often. It’s human nature that people want to play and just be associated with a winner. The Gardner Edgerton community is winning and folks are noticing, which continues to drive more people and businesses to our area.
As the business community has grown, so has the Gardner Edgerton Chamber of Commerce. Approximately 25 new members invested in the chamber in 2017 and we’ve started off 2018 with an even bigger bang, signing up 12+ members in the first two months alone. We’ve added new programs and services to meet the diverse needs of our businesses and continue to explore how we can touch most, if not all, of the business community in a way beneficial to them. The ultimate goal of the chamber is not growth for the sake of growth, nor to laud its own accomplishments. The purpose of the Chamber is to be a champion for business and help them grow, for as business goes so does our community.
Success doesn’t come easily. It takes hard work, collaboration, a willingness to change and some calculated risk-taking. In 2018 the chamber will continue to espouse these values and put our words into action as we develop a new strategic plan for the organization (our first) with input from our business and community partners. When the time is right and the plan is ready to be implemented, I look forward to sharing that with our investors, businesses in our cities, and the entire community. In the meantime, if there’s ever anything the Chamber can do for you or your business, do not hesitate to call or email. Because together, we’re better!