Alan Soetaert

Alan Soetaert
Water District #7
Another busy year for Water District No. 7. The district serves urban and residential areas in southwest Johnson County, northwest Miami County, and areas along the Johnson/Douglas County line. The district continues to experience commercial growth in its service area primarily within the Logistics Park Kansas City (LPKC) in Edgerton, however, it also experienced the addition of an apartment complex (Blackhawk Apartments) in Spring Hill. The residential growth was strong again in 2017 with the addition of 41 residential services throughout the district’s entire service area that stretches from the City of De Soto, on the north, to Hillsdale Reservoir on the south.
The district had some significant relocations of its facilities in 2017. Road reconstruction and improvement projects impacted district water mains, both in Johnson & Miami Counties. Typically, the district will consider upsizing its facilities during the reconstruction phase, which ultimately allows greater flows and reliability on the district’s water mains.
2017 was the first full year that the district completed the transition of the Consolidated Rural Water District No. 6 (CRWD6) service area, and its customers, into Water District #7. The acquisition of CRWD6 allowed the district’s customer base to increase, on Jan. 1, 2017, from approximately 2,300 customers to 3,100 customers. It also bolstered the service area of the district and the amount of water mains in its piping grid substantially.
2017 proved to be a busy and productive year for Water District #7. 2018 will be equally busy with work securing long-term water supply contracts and keeping up with the commercial business and residential activity that is occurring in southwest Johnson County and northwest Miami County.