Mike Brown

Mike Brown
Johnson County 6th District
As the Johnson County Commissioner representing the 6th District, please know I am proud to be your commissioner; I work tirelessly, and the state of the “Big 6th” is very strong and steadily improving.
Daily I push staff to improve services and outcomes for the 6th district. Two examples are; the Rural Comprehensive Plan is being re-written (and truly re-imagined), so it reflects the current wishes and the future needs of those directly impacted. Secondly, we have been subsidizing Lawrence, Kan., via the bus route “K-10 Connector,” and this iniquity has now been straightened out at my demand. Lawrence had been allowed to short us in their agreed upon payment for years which in effect means we subsidized them. They will now be honoring the agreement here forward, and they will be paying us back for the shortages over the years. It’s your money, and I protect it with this in mind.
Additionally, I work closely with the Sheriff, Gardner, Edgerton, DeSoto, Olathe, Fire District #1, airport commission, parks board and the Kansas Department of Transportation. Each of these entities plays a key role in our collective safety and quality of life, and I both attend and call meetings with these entities to keep everyone moving in the same direction.
I say and use “#LeanIn” regularly. This simple hash tag is easily explained; if one is leaning out they are disengaged and failure is all but certain; if one is standing neutral neither success nor failure is imminent but the chances of each is equal, but if one is leaning in success is imminent and when we stand together, all leaning in together, then success is assured. I ask you to continue to #LeanIn with me as we continue to make Johnson County – and specifically the Big 6th – the very best place to live, work and play. #LeanIn