Joan Dorsey
Contributing columnist
Well wasn’t that a Super Bowl?
I have to admit I am not a big sports fan. I like basketball, but the rest of the sports are just a foreign language to me.
I have been sucked into watching Super bowls for the last how many years? I enjoy the half time shows. I like to watch the commercials. They are a topic of the people at work the next day. Plus they are entertaining; my attention span is short enough that a five second commercial holds me till the next one comes on.
I am just not a sports fan. When my son was really young and played T-ball, I would roll my eyes and wish I was elsewhere. It was hot, there were bugs, and he really didn’t want to be there either. We agreed on that.
My daughter played tennis in high school, and I didn’t mind tennis. I got the idea of the game and had played some very informal tennis when I was younger.
I liked volleyball. I understood the idea, and it was easy to follow.
Football is a whole different language to me. However, I watched the whole game Sunday.
I have a tendency to cheer for the underdog. I always feel they should stand a chance. Plus the other team had won five times already. So I was for the Eagles. I got a wee bit tired of hearing the wonderful things about the quarterback for the other team. He doesn’t walk on water as far as I know.
The two commentators seemed a little prejudiced toward the Patriots. This gets old, too. But still I watched.
I waited for entertaining, funny commercials, but they were few and far between. The one with the Jeep climbing the waterfall was, well a little bit aggravating. Unless that waterfall was on your property, as far as I was concerned, you shouldn’t be driving over it.
That seemed like a good way to trash a natural formation. Maybe they should have shown a Jeep pushing over one of those standing rock formations out west. What we need is more people driving over this sort of thing, because, ‘hey we can!’
The half time show was also disappointing. Justin Timberlake was okay. I wasn’t crazy about the Prince hologram. From what I have read, Prince was not in favor of using hologram images of deceased entertainers. I was, however, touched by the view of the stadium lit with purple lights and white lights in the shape of his guitar.
But still I watched.
I watched people who paid lots of money to be there. People who had braved the cold, and the flu, to be part of the experience. I am sure they will remember it for a long time.
I am looking forward to the Winter Olympics. None of those sports are anything I could ever dream of doing.
I tried cross country skiing before I had kids. They look so graceful and it looks effortless. Well it isn’t. It is hard work. Layer upon layer of clothes, and then I got hot from all the expended energy it takes to slide along.
Those skis gathered dust in the basement for a long time before I donated them to a charity.
Maybe I should just admit that I am a selective spectator. It seems to work for me.
I will root for the underdog and be pleased when they win. Next year I will hope the Chief’s get another chance at the big game?
Till then, maybe I will just read some books.