The Gardner Utility Advisory Commission in session on Feb. 1. Seated, from left: Andrew Krievens, Duane Waldman, Ryan Learned and Clint Barney. Standing – Gonzalo Garcia, utilities director. Staff photo by Rick Poppitz

Rick Poppitz
Special to The Gardner News
The Gardner Utility Advisory Commission met on Feb. 1 to consider a contract for construction of a storage tank for the South Lift Station and a contract to rebuild three transfer pumps at the Hillsdale Water Treatment Plant.

Baldwin resigns
The five member commission now has a vacancy, as Mark Baldwin resigned his seat as chairman on Wednesday, due to recently being elected and seated on the city council.
City code says “No voting member may hold any city office.”
Ryan Learned, vice chairman, will chair meetings until new officers are elected.

Storage Tank Construction Project
The 2017 Wastewater Master Plan recommended upgrading the South Lift Station by adding a second 2,500gpm pump and construction of a holding basin at the location to control excess flows.
Jeff LeMire, senior staff engineer, presented staff recommendation to approve the construction contract with Larkin Lamp Rynearson in an amount not to exceed $141,750.00 for the South Lift Station Storage Tank Construction Project, CIP Project No. WW1809.
This storage tank project is just one part of a larger overall expansion project with a total cost expected to be around $1.8 million.
Four qualified firms had responded to a Request for Proposals (RFP).
A selection committee was formed to review the Statement of Qualifications (SOQ) from those companies and make a recommendation to the UAC.
The committee concluded that Larkin Lamp Rynearson design team is highly qualified to do the project and the proposed services meet or exceed the requirements set forth in the RFQ.
LeMire said this was needed to deal with the planned growth on the south side of Gardner. The Tuscan Farms development has already been approved and will soon begin adding 300 residential homes.
“It’s undersized as it is now. We have had some overflows and on high flow days it’s right at the top of the existing wet well and that pump is running as fast as it will go,” said LeMire.
After discussion, motion to approve was made by Andrew Krievens, commission member, seconded by Waldman, commission member, and the motion carried with none opposed. The recommendation to approve will now be forwarded to city council for consideration.

Pump rebuild at Hillsdale Plant
Commission considered staff recommendation to approve a contract to rebuild the pumps at Hillsdale Water Treatment Plant. The three original pumps are approaching 20 years in service and rebuild is required.
Gonzalo Garcia, utilities director, presented staff recommendation to approve a  contract with DXP SuperCenter in the amount of $55,008, plus taxes, insurance, and shipping, to remove, rebuild, and reinstall three clearwell transfer pumps, CIP Project No. WA1801.
Garcia explained that purchase of new pumps was $30,000 each, whereas rebuild cost is around $18,000 each. Whether new or rebuilt, both options include the same five year warranty.
After discussion, motion was made by Duane Waldman, seconded by Clint Barney and the motion carried with none opposed.