Chief Rob Kirk, FD#1, talks to the new recruits about the Maltese Cross and Badges as seen on the screen on the screen. Pictured are: from left to right, Assistant Chief Dennis Meyers, Chaplin Rick George, Division Chief Jerry Holly, Division Chief Kirk Keller, Battalion Chief Trig Morley, Battalion Chief Mike Hirschmann, Board Members Chairman Mark Burdolski, Keith ohnson, and Dr. Brian Cook. (not pictured Battalion Chief Ken Phelps). Submitted Photo

The second annual Pinning Ceremony for Fire District #1 of Johnson County, was held Jan. 16. One firefighter was promoted to Captain, four recruits were promoted to Firefighter 1 and five new recruits received their badges.

Pictured left to right: Recruit Heinen, Recruit Richerson, Recruit Donnell and Recruit Meyer. Submitted photo

Individuals and their new rank are: Master Firefighter J. Ducey Promoted to Captain; Recruit Firefighter D. Lawrence Promoted to Firefighter 1; Recruit Firefighter K. Neis Promoted to Firefighter 1; Recruit Firefighter C. Shuck Promoted to Firefighter 1; Recruit Firefighter G. Wernicke Jr. Promoted to Firefighter 1; and New Recruit K. Buller; New Recruit J. Donnell;
New Recruit N. Heinen; New Recruit B. Meyer; New Recruit W. Richerson.