Joan Dorsey
Contributing columnist
Let’s talk entertainment.
I am from a generation who loves live shows.
The first one that comes to mind is Woodstock. I wasn’t old enough to attend, but those folks got lots of very good entertainment for their bucks. It was in a matter of fact – free. The artists played and sang through all sorts of weather. The audience stayed and listened.
I have seen a huge, by my estimate, amount of live shows. From the big one’s called summer jams at the stadiums to the smaller indoor ones.
Those stadium shows were all day affairs. You put on your halter tops, cut off jean shorts and went to fry in the sun. For your $20 some dollars you could see as many or as few bands as your sun burnt body would allow. People would pass out from the heat or dehydrate. Good times!!! The band you wanted to see usually came on at midnight or 1 a.m.
Still. . . memories in the making.
In all my 46 years of concert attendance, only two shows stick out as bad experiences.
One was a Beach Boys concert where they came on drunk and forgot the words to the songs. Never mind most of the crowd was also drunk and probably don’t remember the ill fated show.
The other was a Jimmy Buffet show at what was then Sandstone amphitheatre. Maybe my mindset was just not the party mood. Jimmy Buffet shows are a circus of fun and audience participation. You toss beach balls, stand and sing and pretend to be sharks.
I should have realized it was not going to be a good times when the party busses pulled in. The occupants were relieving themselves out the bus windows. People who arrive drunk usually only get sloppier when the night wears on. The two young men in front of us stood the entire show and talked loudly about work. There was no convincing them I needed to do “fins” to make my night complete.
All and all, my concert experiences have been good. Far fewer now with prices the way they are. You have to buy tickets so far in advance; will you be able to attend? Will you be in a long term care facility unable to find a ride?
Which brings me to the two hugely promoted shows for Kansas City right now.
Billy Joel at the “K” and Sir Elton at the Sprint center.
I have seen both. Two times each I believe.
Billy Joel puts on a great show. His voice is good, and he entertains. I remember finding Christy Brinkley in the crowd as he sang Uptown Girl, years back. It was awesome! His prices won’t break the bank, and you will get what you pay for.
Then there is Elton. I was a fan when he wore 10 inch shoes and wild glasses. He rocked the place with Pinball Wizard He gave it his everything he had. However, I refuse to pay over $200 for nosebleed seats. Floor seats are close to $1000.
I am not funding his retirement with his children. This is just too much.
The Eagles started this nonsense of huge concert prices several years back. I paid the ransom, and I am truly glad I got to attend before Glen Frey passed away.
I prefer the smaller venue’s now. The ones that seat just a few hundred people. There are several in Kansas City. The artists who play there seem to enjoy their time with an audience.
JCCC has a great and varied group of performers for this season. I am looking forward to seeing Arlo Guthrie later this spring.
So if you have the money, and the desire, go! Concerts make great memories.
I will be saving my money for retirement and paying for utilities at my home.